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Resource Center

In addition to providing information to families, our resource center provides senior care related information to caregivers, social workers, facilities, and health care providers. The quest is to make the noble, but sometimes difficult, task of taking care of those entrusted to them easier. This includes information on where to get training, where to get supplies, client budgetary support, how to manage facilities, how to deal with certain situations, and other information essential to improving the care of senior citizens or whoever is entrusted into their care.

Our resource center also provides a list of licensed/certified professionals for renovation or maintenance of long-term health care facilities. This resource is also available for seniors who wish to live in their own home and desire to have a home that is equipped to accommodate their medical needs and physical limitations. The list includes the following

Electricians | Pest Control | Builders | Plumbers | Fire System Installers |

Fire Inspectors | Home inspectors | Landscapers | Cleaning Companies


Health Portal

The Health Portal (Health Information Portal) features the latest health information concerning seniors and public health in general. Through the Health Portal, we provide tips on healthy living, dietary advice, food recalls, medication recalls, information about outbreaks, changes in Medicaid/Medicare, government health advisories and other information essential to the health of our seniors.

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